To Kyoto! 

We left Kanazawa for Kyoto today. But first, breakfast at the Toyoko Inn Hotel, Kanazawa.

Then a quick morning trip to the D T Suzuki museum and the 21st Century Museum of Contempary Art (because they were both closed yesterday)

Lunch on the Thunderbird Rapid train to Kyoto. I had a crab bento that came in a special crab shaped container.

Steve had the Seafood delights bento. (Well that’s what I’m calling it anyway)

And before we new it we were in Kyoto. Checked in to our ryokan hotel which is really lovely and enjoyed some afternoon tea and Kyoto sweets.

Had a brief wander around and then ramen for dinner at Kyoto station. Kyoto station has a bit of a ramen alley going on with about 6 or 7 ramen places all together. Most stores had really big queues. But this place is our favourite. I think it’s the third trio in a row that we have been to it. The real selling point with this place is the char grilled pork on rice that you can get as a side. It is so good. So good. Like, I have dreams of this stuff. Far too much food for me,  but I did get through a lot of it.


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