Breakfast in Kyoto, Dinner in Hiroshima

So it was with heavy hearts we said farewell to Ohanabo today. But not before one last delicious breakfast.

The plan was to have lunch on the Shinkansen on route to Himeji. The problem was we were still full from breakfast, and the train trip was only going to be about one hour. Well, too bad, we can’t not have bento on the Shinkansen. 

We got to Himeji with full stomachs, which was a good thing because a trip to the castle was what we had come to Himeji for, and we knew it was going to be busy.

Oh but first, the other reason we were in Himeji was to visit this Hello Kitty cafe. The cafe is a cross promotion with an eyewear brand, which was all a bit strange, but it was still cute. As previously mentioned, we were already full, so we had to just have coffees.

And then it was off to the castle. Although it wasn’t the peak of the cherry blossoms, there were still plenty blooming and as such it was very busy at the castle. We had to line up for a while to get in, and then we were kind of ushered through it with all the hordes. It was still cool, but the view was nicer from the outside.

After spending a few hours at the castle, we headed back to station. At the station we met up with a family from the school I work at. It was really lovely to see them, and we had cake and matcha drinks at “Nana’s Green Tea”.

After we said goodbye to them, we jumped on the next Shinkansen bound for Hiroshima. We had an onigiri snack on the train.

By the time we got to Hiroshima, I was started to feel a little like the cold that had been hanging around for the last week or so was coming back. So we taxi’ed it to our accomodation, then nipped out briefly to pick up some things from the supermarket for dinner, which we then ate back in our hotel room. 



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