Double curry

Sadly,I wasn’t feeling to well today. I’ve had a bit of a cold hanging around for the past week or so, but it hasn’t been bothering me too much. But last night I started to get all snotty and today, well I just felt rubbish. Which sucks, because I am in Hiroshima and I want to do things and eat all the food 😦

I still managed to eat three meals today though. The breakfast buffet at our hotel is pretty good, but I only had a small amount.

For lunch we went to a cute place nearby called Handi – a small cute cafe that makes curry. I had Butter Chicken and a chai latte.

Managed to do a bit of shopping in the afternoon, and stopped for a cute donut at Floresta Donuts.

For dinner, we went to an Udon noodle place about 2 minutes from our hotel. I had curry udon and some Karaage chicken.

Fingers crossed, I feel better tomorrow – it’s my birthday!

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