Always with the cakes

We spent the day in Omotosando today. Wandering around the small streets looking at shops and galleries and cafes.

We had the best lunch at a cafe called A to Z Cafe. It was super cute and had Yoshimoto Nara artwork all around it. We both had the Lunch set and a cake and coffee. My cake was pumpkin and coconut and was super delicious.

We had an afternoon coffee and some taco rice at Commune 265, an area set up with a bunch of food trucks and pop up food vendors.

Later, beer, sake and edamame at Urasando Garden. It was way cool there. There is a stationary shop there where you can make your own notebook – you choose the paper you want for the cover, inside and the binding etc etc Don’t I didn’t get one, because I did.

And then Gyoza for dinner in Harajuku. We had to wait in line for a while, but it was worth it.


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