From Fuji to the ‘Bu

We woke to an amazingly clear morning in Kawaguchiko. Mt Fuji was looking glorious. Pretty hard to leave.

We did, however, manage to figure out how to catch the cute Mt Fuji train though. So the sadness of leaving Mt Fuji was compensated a little.

We headed back on to Tokyo, and into Shibuya were we spotted some strangely familiar faces in the window of Starbucks and the scramble crossing.

Sorry bonus photo of Mount Fuji there. 

We had a bit of a wander through Shibuya, then on to Ikebukuro. Mission: to find a cat cafe that will let children in. 

Luckily, we were successful – we found Cat Cafe Nekotobi and they let us it! The cats were very cute and Maia and Zoe loved it.

Then we all squeezed in to a ramen place for lunch.

We headed to Sunshine City, and decided to go up to the Observation Deck. They had done it all up since we were last there many years ago in to “Sky Circus”. It sounded really cool and interesting, but in the end it was a little dissapointing. The brochure made it look better than it was. Still, the view was pretty cool and we still had fun.

Then, on to Namja Town. An indoor theme park of sorts. Steve and I visited this place on our first trip back in ’05 and it confused us then. We thought it was a good idea to revisit with guests. 

A visit to the Pokemon store after that.

And after a visit to Tokyu Hands we were all a bit tired. We had to go check in to our accomodation. We had planned to meet back up with the Emery-Deans, but it suddenly got quite late and we didn’t get the chance. 

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