Onsen, planes and Hong Kong

Today was our last day in Tokyo.  

Our last breakfast at Andon.

Then we went to Sakura onsen for one last bath. It was really nice there. We stayed there for lunch.

Then on a plane bound for Hong Kong. Jal serve nice food on their flights.

Arrived in Hong Kong around 10pm, and we stayed over night at a nearby hotel. The next morning we had buffet breakfast. It was ok, but the highlight for me was the extra crispy bacon. I think I had about 6 pieces.

Then we had a quick swim in the pool at the hotel before heading to the airport. There was some panic at the airport when they informed us the plane was over booked and there was no space for us. We had a crappy sandwich and a disgusting coffee from Starbucks with a voucher the airline gave us whilst we waited on standby. Luckily in the end we got on the flight which was nice. It was an 8 hour flight and we only got one meal and a small snack which contained the smallest sandwich in the world, so I was starving when we landed in Perth!

Home again, home again.

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