Making ramen

Now that I have my blog back in action, I think I need to update my latest attempts at making ramen from scratch. In  this first,  attempt I used a lot of chicken wings and although it turned out tasty, it was a bit too chickeny in taste. But the pork turned out really well.

I figured if I wore a towel on my head like a true ramen master, it would help me perfect my recipe (note: it didn’t)

The result? Delicious, but chickeny.

Attempt number 2, was a few weeks later. I based this recipe on a Momofuku recipe. Also, I managed to finally get my hands on some all important konbu, which is exciting.

So first I simmered the konbu, whilst roasting the pork bones.

Then simmered some shittake mushrooms in the konbu stock and prepped the meat.

There are quite a few steps involved and it took the best part of the day, but eventually, with the addition of some soy sauce eggs and spring onions, it was ready to serve.

The verdict? Pretty bloody good! Still not quite as thick and porky as I wanted it, but still very delicious! 



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