Oden. A Japanese winter favourite. It’s kind of like a soupy stew with things in it. The things usually consist of things like daikon radish, various types of fish cakes and konnyaku which is a gelatinous block of zero calories made out of yam or something. Anyway, we really love Oden. Although we have never quite got up the courage to buy it from a 24 hour convinience store. In shops such as Lawson and 7/11’s there is always a big Bain Marie at the front counter with Oden bubbling away.

Anyway, seeing as though we are nowhere near a Japanese convinience store at the moment, we decided to have a go at making it ourselves. We managed to get a good selection of Oden ingredients from Fuji Mart in Subiaco. And then the preparations began. The ingredients we decided on were : daikon radish, boiled egg, konnyaku, chikuwa, tofu and fish cake. It turned out great. Really delicious and warming.

Technical problems solved! Here are the long overdue photos of the Oden.

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