Frohe Ostern

Happy Easter! Well, I know it was a few weeks ago, but Easter should be a whole season really, not just a couple of days. I always wish I was in Europe when Easter comes around. They celebrate it well, with Easter decorations in every house (and out the front of houses), in shops, restaurants etc etc  I have one Easter tradition that I continue every year – dying hard boiled eggs with food colours. I can’t remember ever not doing this. To this day the smell of vinegar (which is mixed in with the dyes to help them set) brings back childhood memories of colouring eggs at Easter, fighting over the stickers that go on once they are dyed and finally rubbing some butter on them to make them shiny. Good times. 

The egg dye I have always used has barely changed over the last 40 years. Even the stickers look the same – although when I was a kid, the stickers were actually transfers, not just paper stickers.

Once the eggs are boiled and the colours dissolved in water and vinegar, it’s on to the colouring.

Some colours come out more vibrant than others. The yellow is notoriously week, so I normally end up mixing it with the red to make an orange. Then it’s time for the stickers, and some butter for shine. 

I usually eat them for breakfast over the Easter weekend. The tradition is for one person to hold their egg in their hand, and another person hits the egg with their egg. Whichever egg doesn’t crack is the winner. There’s no prize, other than you have to hit the egg again to crack it so you can peel it ☺️ 

Hope everyone had a great Easter! 🐰

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