Two pints of cider. Ice in the cider.

Last weekend we drove to Core Cider House in Pickering Brook. It was about a 30 minute drive from home, so not too far really. The plan was to pick some apples from their orchard and then drink some of their cider. We were meeting up with a bunch of our friends also. 

We got there  quite early, around 9:30am and were immediately impressed with the views. It was really beautiful there. There were a few people there, so we sat under a tree to wait for our friends to arrive. As we waited, lots and lots of people began to turn up. I think this place is popular.

Apple picking started at 10am so we headed in to the orchard to get some fruit. It cost $5 per person to get in, then $2 per kilo of apples (and pears) that you pick.

It was good fun picking the fruit. We got some Granny Smith’s, some huuuuge pears and some red apples (not sure what variety)

We managed to pick a glorious day just by chance. After the picking was done (we got about 4 kilos all up) we headed back out for a couple of ciders.

Steve had a pear cider and I had the cloudy apple. Delicious and refreshing. 

After a while we got a bit hungry. I sent Steve off to buy some chips – he ordered the “loaded” fries, which were covered in pulled pork. Quite delicious.

We hung around a bit longer, it was really nice there, even though by this stage it had gotten really busy. I only discovered this place existed about a week earlier, so it was a really pleasant surprise to find out that it was actually good. 

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