In the Pines 2017

In the Pines, one of our favourite days of the year. For those of you who are unfamiliar with In The Pines (tsk, tsk) it is an annual fundraising event put on by local radio station RTRFM, and features a whole load of Perth bands playing at the Somerville Auditorium at UWA. It starts around midday and finishes around 10pm and has been running for the last 24 years. I think we have attended about 15 of them. One year (2006, I believe) my band Burgers of Beef were lucky enough to play it. A picnic rug and picnic are a must for In the Pines. Luckily it was a gloriously warm late April day this year. We got our traditional Chupa Chups from Gavin the unofficial Chupa Chups delivery man at In the Pines.

People were up and dancing early this year. 

We enjoyed some music and beverages.

Then it was lunch time. We had packed some bentos for our lunch.

More bands, then a bit of a wander around UWA and some sneaky whisky in the boot of our car 😜

Then some more bands and beverages. Such a lovely sunny afternoon.

In the later afternoon, we had coffees in the boot of our car.

Followed by some edamame and a game of Top Trumps UFO sightings.

Then it got dark and started to get cold. We didn’t end up staying until the end of the night. the last band we saw was Sodastream and they were awesome, so we didn’t think they could be topped. ”Twas a grand day.

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