Eurovision 2017

Yep, it’s that time of the year again. Eurovision time. More fun than Christmas! As has become tradition, we invited a small bunch of friends around to watch the final on Sunday night. The rules for the Eurovision final party are simple – don’t find out who won accidentally (if if you have, don’t tell anyone) and bring a dish representing one of the Eurovision countries to share with everyone. 

Preparations began on Saturday. Here I amd prepping the Babaganoush (whilst making vegetable stock for dinner and muesli for my breakfasts)

Some vital ingredients for any good Eurovision party.

Flag bunting being made.

On Sunday, I started prepping around midday. I made Smørrebrød with pumpernickel and pretend Smørrebrød with normal bread, because Steve seems to be allergic to pumpernickel and some people just don’t like it. I cut rounds out of the bread and toasted them under the grill. The Smørrebrød featured salmon & sour cream, egg,dill & mayonnaise and rollmops. Yum!

Ta da!

I also made the aforementioned Babaganoush with Haloumi and pomegranate, Currywurst, Banderellas (olives, anchovies,pickled onion & gherkin on toothpicks), Paprika Chorizo and of course Austria’s very own – Kaiserschmarn. Here it is being prepped. Sadly there are no pics of the finished dish.

And the bunting is up.

Waiting for the guests to arrive.

First to arrive was Kristy, who brought her amazing interpretation of the German dish Labskaus. So impressed with this dish – it was super delicious and clever! These high quality photos are also courtesy of Kristy.

Kristy also brought, representing Australia – the largest Wagon Wheel ever! Awesome.

We also had Ukranian Scuffles made by both Jen & Leon and Pete & Nicole.

Pete & Nicole also brought Mini Chicken Kiev’s.

Fletch brought Dutch Butter Cake (Boterkoek). Delicious!

And Adrian brought Chicken Nachos, from Portugal 😄 Didn’t get a photo of these sadly as they were devoured too quickly. All the food was amazingly delicious – and I was so impressed with how much effort and thought everyone put in to it.

Everyone enjoying their food

After we ate all the food we watched the Eurovision Final. It was a strong year this year with a lot of enjoyable songs, although I had no clear favourite that I was hoping would win. Portugal ended up winning – must have be the chicken nachos!

See you next year!


  1. Absolutely fabulous night! Very impressed with the bunting and pretty sure I ate all of the banderellas. Secretly wishing I had dived headfirst into that jar of rollmops 😀

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