Exciting news! (And a little bit of disappointing news)

I have some very exciting news that I can FINALLY share with you all! Are you ready? ……..

I’m going to be on TV!!!!!!!


Yes, you read right, your humble blogger has cracked the big time…well, not quite, but it’s still really awesome. I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with the fantastic new cooking show on SBS The Chef’s Line. For those of you who have not seen it yet, the show features a different cuisine each week and features 4 home cooks up against 4 chefs from a top restaurant. I’ve been loving watching it so far, and the 19th of June will see the beginning of Japanese week and yours truly as one of the home cooks! It was so much fun to film, so I hope you all are able to watch it and cheer me on and see how far I make it through. Check it out – 6pm weeknights on SBS, Food Network Channel or SBS on Demand. 

And now for the disappointing news….the first episode of Japanese week airs on the 19th June – and I will be leaving for a trip to the US on the 18th!! 😩 talk about bad timing! So I won’t be in Perth to watch and enjoy it with everyone else. Never fear, I will be doing whatever I can to see it whilst on the other side of the world – and I’ll still be checking Facebook, Instagram and blogging of course! 

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