It’s called Butter Chicken for a reason

I’ve been watching The Chefs’ Line religiously, and not just because I’m going to be on it (see previous post). It’s just a really interesting show without all the drama that some other cooking shows that shall remain nameless have. Plus, I’ve been learning so much and I have a growing list of restaurants I need to go to when next I visit the Eastern States. One of my favourite weeks so far has been Indian week. I love Indian food, and all the dishes both the home cooks and the chefs from Tonka restaurant in Melbourne served up looked delicious. The one I was was most desperate to try though, was the Butter Chicken made by home cook Shruti. It’s a dish I have tried to cook many times, but have never been happy with the results, but I felt confident about this recipe, and I was not disappointed.

Firstly I prepped all the ingredients. Note: it does contain a lot of butter. That’s ok though, I like butter 😊 This was probably the most time consuming part of the recipe.

Once everything was prepped, it was actually pretty easy to make. Even time for a sneaky glass of wine.

Butter melting….ingredients cooking…..

And then, voila! A delicious Butter Chicken curry was served! It was easily the best Butter Chicken I have ever made, and I think it even gave a few restaurant Butter Chicken’s a run for their money. Really delicious and great flavours. Thanks for the awesome recipe Shruti! 

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