Japanese Week on The Chefs’ Line

Just one last reminder for you all to watch The Chefs’ Line tomorrow night (that’s Monday 19th June) at 6pm on SBS. It’s finally going to be Japanese Week, and as mentioned in previous posts, I will be one of the home cooks competing. So very exciting! On Friday nights episode they showed a very brief “coming up next week” clip, and I got to see myself very briefly. Here’s a photo of the TV screen  (yes, I took a photo of the TV 😁) 

I’m actually going to miss Monday nights episode as I will be on a flight 3/4 of the way to America when it airs. How’s that for timing, hey? If all goes according to plan, I’ll be able to watch it once I get into Boston. And there’s every chance that I will be getting up at 6am every morning so I can watch the rest of the episodes “live” with everyone (in Perth, anyway). 

I’m really excited to see myself on The Chefs Line – although a little nervous as I keep remembering how incredibly tired I was during filming so who knows what random things I probably said! 😳 

Hope you can all watch it and enjoy it, and stay tuned to this blog for some USA Foodie updates! 

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