Jet lagged in Massachusetts 

The last 48 hours or so have been pretty surreal. We left Perth on Sunday night bound for Boston. After two VERY long plane flights (11 hours from Perth to Dubai, 3 hours at Dubai airport, 13.5 hours from Dubai to Boston) and four plane meals, we made it in to Boston at about 2:30pm Monday afternoon, which for us still on Perth time was 2:30am Tuesday morning.

I think I managed to get about 15 minutes of sleep all up on the flights, so needless to say, I was pretty zonked. After checking in to our hotel, we managed to go for a bit of a wander around nearby, before I decided I was in no shape to be out in public. So we picked up some cheese and meats from a local shop and ate them back at our hotel. 

Then I pretty much passed out at about 6:30pm. I didn’t even get the chance to watch The Chefs’s Line on catch up to see me cooking on Japanese Week.

Today, (Tuesday), got up feeling much more refreshed but still a little hazy. Breakfast was a hotel buffet, but it wasn’t really all that much off a buffet. I had two croissants with jam and a coffee.

Then we went wandering and stopped in at a magical food wonderland known as Eataly. I very nearly lost my mind. Everything in there looked so good and delicious. And the cheeses!!!

I loved this range of chilli powders

We already had plans for lunch so we just had a coffee and planned for a return visit. The coffee was superb.

After a bit more of a wander around it was lunch time, so we headed to Eastern Standard for some eats. It was on my list of places to go to because it serves bone marrow. It was a cool place, kind of Viennese cafe meets dive bar or something. Anyway it had a great vibe, so we settled in with a couple of drinks – I had a Von Trappe Pilsner from Vermont, which I enjoyed very much and Steve had a Pinot Noir from Oregon. We both ordered the Bone Marrow for starters and it did not disappoint.

We shared a Cuban sandwich and a Boston Bibb Salad for mains. Although I must admit I was quite full from the starter and so Steve ate most of it.

A walk was in order after all that food so we went and checked out the Boston Gardens and Boston Common. All that walking though, made us hot and thirsty so we stopped in a cute cafe for a cold brew coffee….and couldn’t resist the cupcakes. Steve had a Root Beer Float cupcake and I had Red Velvet. 

When dinner time came around, it was time for a very light meal from the supermarket of some Summer Rolls, Veges and dip and fruit which we ate in the foyer of our hotel like weirdos. 

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