Lobster rolls

Breakfast at the hotel today featured crispy American bacon. I love American bacon.

Also we snuck in our own yogurts. These were delicious.

After a morning wander around the waterside we stopped in to James Hook Lobster Co for Lobster Rolls. I’ve pretty much been waiting my whole life for this meal and it didn’t disappoint. Not cheap ($18 each) but there was pretty much a whole lobster in each roll. So, so good.

Then, afternoon gelato at Amorino, luckily located 2 minutes from our hotel. They have an amazing range of flavours and you can choose as many flavours as you want. Did you hear that? As many flavours as you want people!!! We both chose 3. I had Raspberry, Hazelnut and Lime & Basil. It was delicious.

Dinner at one of the restaurants at Eataly. We had Buffalo mozzarella, Salumi and a Arugula/Rocket salad. Very good.

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