Next stop: Chicago

After Solid Sound was over, our next destination was Chicago. It was fitting that we were headed to Chicago, as it is after all, Wilco’s home town. 

After a long drive from North Adams to Boston, a flight from Boston to Chicago and a train ride from the airport, we made it to our accomodation Holiday Jones in the Wicker Park area. Holiday Jones is basically a backpackers, but we had our own room. I think we are getting too old for shared rooms 😊 It was a cool place with an Empanadas bar in the foyer. We wasted no time in getting some of those empanadas- and they were damn good.

The next morning we went out in search of good coffee. Wormhole Coffee was on our list of ‘must do’s’ and luckily was situated less then a 10 minute walk away. Their coffee did not disappoint and had they had a Delorean from Back to the Future as well as other cool ’80’s things in their cafe. Great little spot.

Coffee done, we headed into Downtown to look at buildings and stuff. Chicago is pretty damn impressive architectural wise. We decided it was probably a wise decision to go on one of the Architecture Boat tours. 

But first, lunch. Yes, we ate at Shake Shack. And you know what? It was really good.

The boat cruise was really good (and educational) highly recommended. We went out on to Lake Michigan at one point. Man, that is a huge lake.

Cruise done, it was time for icecream at nearby Ghirardelli’s. I like their chocolate and icecream. We shared a large Sundae. Steve also had a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, which possibly was just a little too much.

Then we went to check out the beach(!!!) at Lake Michigan as well as the free(!!!) Lincoln Park Zoo.

Before heading back to Wicker Park for dinner at Big Star Taco. Yes, this was delicious.

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