Some more Chicago

The next day in Chicago we went for breakfast at a nearby cafe called Kanela. I had an omelette and Steve had a breakfast burrito.

Then we went to an awesome exhibition by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. We are both big fans. It was a really great exhibition featuring both old and new works or his.

After enjoying Eataly in Boston, we decided to give Chicago’s store a go. It was already quite late in the afternoon and we getting a bit desperate for food, we went to the roasted meat place and got far too much pork (should’ve really only got one serving to share) but it was really tasty! (The diet can wait 😊)

Then we found the big shiny bean in Millennium Park. It was actually really cool.

We headed back to Wicker Park after the bean sighting and went to Emporium Game Bar and drank beer/whisky and played pinball and arcade games until it was late and we needed dinner. 

We went for dinner at a place accross the road, which sounded interesting on their menu, but ended up being a bit disappointing. We had some steamed buns with things like chicken and shrimp on them, but they weren’t great, as well as tempura avocado and mushrooms – also average. It was also waaay too much food again so we got the leftovers put in a box to takeaway and put in the fridge at the hostel. Which is where they stayed.

After a good nights sleep (the beds at Holiday Jones are super comfy) we got up and headed to Doves Luncheonette for breakfast. Super cool and cute place. Steve had Huevos Rancheros and I had Smashed Avocado on toast with Arugula, Pumpkin seed oil, feta and toasted quinoa. The toasted quinoa was fantastic and really made the dish. I mean, it was already delicious, but the quinoa just made it ever better.

We spent the morning wandering around the Wicker Park area, and had another coffee at Wormhole coffee.

Then had a light lunch of empanadas at our hostel.

Before heading off to Wrigley Field to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. We were there a bit early, so we had a couple of drinks at a nearby bar.

After hanging out there for a while, we headed in to Wrigley Field and had some hot dogs for dinner. They were good. As they should be. I mean, this is Chicago after all.

Important to note: the condiment station was especially good with kosher pickles and everything. 

Then it was beers and Tom Petty time. We were far away, but it was still great.

The next morning we got one last Chicago breakfast in, before heading to the airport. Next stop: Nashville, Tennessee.

Oh and whilst we are on the topic of Chicago, here’s a little video I made which is my tribute to the opening credits of the ’90’s sitcom Perfect Strangers. I love that show.

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