BBQ city continued 

Our last day in this awesome city, started with breakfast at the hotel.  Then it was off to the best record store ever – Third Man Records. This is Jack White from the White Stripes record shop and it adjoins to a studio and live music space (we didn’t get to see those) and is pretty much the coolest place ever. Loads of interactive things for you to poke out and a great selection of music, including exclusive vinyl recordings from all sorts of cool bands. We spent quite a bit of time and money in there.

After all that excitement it was time for coffee. We walked to a nearby cafe called Barista Parlour. Good coffee. Good design. We also had a light lunch there.

One of my new favourite beers I discovered in Nashville was made by Yazoo brewing. We happened to walk past their brewery by chance, but sadly they were closed.

We went to Jackalope Brewery instead. I had a beer flight. Some of the beers involved peaches. 

A visit to a cool guitar shop. I wanted to buy everything.

Then it started raining. We took shelter in the icecream shop with everyone else in the world.

For dinner, well we just had to go back to Martins BBQ. We had the brisket and pulled pork with cornbread, green beans, slaw and Mac n cheese.

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