Music city? BBQ city more like it

After a short but very bumpy plane flight, we landed in Nashville. I’ve wanted to go to Nashville for a long time, so I was pretty excited to finally be there.

After checking in to our hotel and sorting ourselves out a bit, it was time for dinner. I checked our Trello list of places we wanted to go to. High on that list was Martins BBQ. Luckily, it was only about a ten minute walk away, so we set out in search of it. We found it and didn’t waste any time getting in there and ordering a mixed platter with ribs, brisket, pulled pork, slaw and Mac n cheese. And a beer. I can’t remember what the beer I had was, but I enjoyed it.

The food was amazing. The brisket was especially amazing. So tender. So tasty. I wish I had some now. There was a cool upstairs outside section at Martins as well. After we finished our food we went up there for another drink.

Then we headed off to another must do on our list, Pinewood Social. We sat up at the bar and had a couple of delicious and very well made cocktails. Pinewood is really cool, it even has a bowling alley and a small swimming pool outside. 

After leaving Pinewood, we wandered over the bridges and looked at the city skyline. 

And then a quick Jack Daniels at one of the many honky tonk bars along Broadway.

The next morning after a breakfasts buffet at the hotel, we headed off to the Farmers Markets. I always like looking at the produce at Farmers Markets in other cities and countries. There was lots of fresh berries and corn at this one.

It was really hot, so we got some large delicious beverages from a food van.

A quick visit to Antique Archeology- the Nashville store as seen on American Pickers. We had to line up quite a while to get in there.

For lunch, well we just couldn’t resist getting BBQ again. We went to Jacks BBQ on Broadway and had pulled pork sandwiches. Delicious.

After lunch we spent a good couple of hours in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Some great stuff in there – especially Gram Parsons Nudie suit. Awesome.

Then, icecream. Delicious icecream.

We headed back to Pinewood Social in the evening for dinner and beverages. We had a delicious Brussel sprout salad, hummus and pork cracklings. Yum!

And just enough time for another quick Jack Daniels in another Honky Tonk bar on the way home. 

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