Lobsterpalooza Day 3

Today for breakfast I made waffles with the waffle making machine at the hotel buffet. And I ate them with syrup and bacon. And loved it.

Then we had a bit of a wander around the town of Rockland, before heading to the Maine Cheese Shop to pick up some lunch supplies. We got some cheese curds (I love curds so much and I can’t get them in Australia! Someone please send me some) and some cold meats. We ate it at a picnic table near the water somewhere just out of Rockland.

Then we headed to nearby Camden and went up Mount Battie and looked at the view.

All that wandering around on top of a mountain was making us thirsty, so a coffee was in order. We’d seen a place that looked cool the previous day and decided to go find it. We weren’t sure if it would be open, or if indeed it even was a cafe. Luckily, it was both open and a cafe. Win. It was really cool too. Customer service was a little frosty, but the coffee was good and sitting out on the porch was even better.

Coffee and resting over, we headed to Lincolnville to check out the Lobster Pound situation and see some more sights.

We decided not to have lobster there, but had a wander along the beach instead.

Then we headed to Thomaston and looked at a lighthouse.

And then, before we knew it, it was dinner time. Where to go for dinner on your last night in Rockland? Why, where else but Claws. One Lobster Dinner Plz.

Steve had the Lobster Mac n Cheese again.

Ahh…I’m going to miss you Claws and your delicious delicacies from the sea. 

After dinner we quickly checked out the lighthouse in Rockland. Although we didn’t actually make it all the way out to the lighthouse because it was very far and a little scary. So beautiful around here.

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