Lobsterpalooza The Final Frontier

Well…all good things must come to an end, and so too our time in Rockland and and in fact, the US was soon to be over. Today was the last day of our holiday. With a flight out of Boston at 11:30pm, we had the day to drive down the coast and get at least one more lobster related product. 

I had waffles again this morning, but upon lifting the lid of one of the Bain Marie’s was devastated to discover that THERE WAS NO BACON!!!! Just sausages instead. Noooo!!!!!! My last day in America and I couldn’t enjoy some delicious American bacon for the final time. 

We packed up and left, bound for Portland. We stopped briefly in a little town called Bath and ate the rest of the cheeses and cold meats from yesterday.

Then on to Portland. We had originally planned to spend a bit more time in Portland, but the day was escaping us. We made a quick stop in a record shop to pick up some CD’s that we wanted, and had a quick coffee in a nearby cafe. 

Portland was cool. Must return one day.

Then on to Kennenbunkport for lunch, and what would be the final Lobster Roll of the holiday. We went to a place called The Clam Shack, and just for something different, had to line up for ages. It was a good Lobster roll though, basically a whole lobster in it. The last bite however, was tinged with sadness, not knowing when I would eat something this delicious again.

We had a wander around the town. Couldn’t resist the tiny donuts and delicious icecream that was on offer.

Then driving, driving and more driving. Driving through New Hampshire (and a very brief stop in Portsmouth) and through Salem in Masssachusetts.

Until we were back where it all began, Logan International Airport in Boston. See ya later America, it’s been delicious. 

We had a 7 hour layover in Dubai so we checked in to a hotel, had a sleep, a shower and some food from room service – a club sandwich. It was at this point in the trip where we had no idea what time it was or where we even were.

Then back on another massive plane for a million hours or thereabouts. 

And then we were home and severely jet lagged.

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  1. We have enjoyed looking at your photos and especially your descriptions/comments very much – you packed so much into your trip 🛬 😀

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