Sokyo visit

In the midst of all my health dramas (which are sadly still continuing to some extent, but that’s a story for another time) back in November last year, we had a trip to Sydney booked. Our plan was to meet up with Steve’s brother and family (who live in Sydney) and also Steve’s parents who were coming up from Melbourne and go to Japanese restaurant Sokyo. If you remember, Sokyo was the restaurant that I went up against on The Chefs Line, so we were all quite eager to check it out. The trip was very nearly cancelled due to me feeling so rubbish, but in the end (and with the ok from my doctor) we decided to go.

Sokyo is located inside the Star Casino inside, and we momentarily got lost on the casino floor trying to find it. Casinos are a bit weird aren’t they? We met up with Steve’s parents at their hotel, then headed off to the restaurant where we met everyone else. It was quite swanky inside the restaurant, very nicely set up and we sat at a very large round table. Looking at the menu we all got a bit of choice anxiety. “I’ll have one of everything” probably would have been a slightly too large an order 😊 luckily Chef Alex Yu (who also appeared on The Chefs Line) asked if we wanted him to make up a menu for us. We said yes, as long as it contained uni (sea urchin). It turned out to be the right choice as dish after dish of amazing looking and delicious tasting dishes were served to us. Every dish was amazing – I don’t think I could choose a favourite.

The first 3 dishes were sashimi/ceviche based – but all with a slight twist. All very delicious.

Then there was the Tempura Shiitake mushrooms. This was really delicious. Probably (if I had to choose) my favourite dish of the night. Chef Daniel (who also appeared on The Chefs Line – and who I beat with my Udon soup dish) brought this dish out to us)

Next up, pork belly skewers , then Patagonian toothfish with miso. The tooth fish was well liked by everyone.

The final course before dessert was assorted sushi – including Uni sushi. Oishikata! So, so good.

The kids had some special avocado sushi rolled with rice paper instead of nori which was an interesting twist.

Dessert was….amazing. I can’t remember what it all was now but just let it be known that it was delicious. There was a black sesame icecream, Matcha pudding with a gooey centre, and sorbet which was Calpis (a Japanese beverage) flavour.

A lovely time was had by all.

After dinner we went back to Steve’s parents hotel room and took photos in the weird Twin Peaks-esque alcove.

どうもありがとうございます Sokyo. See you again next year?

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