Cute cafes in Sydney

During our brief visit to Sydney we managed to visit a couple of our favourite cafes and try some new places too.

Pablo’s Vice

One of our favourite cafes in Sydney is Pablo’s Vice in Darlinghurst, and no trip is complete without a visit. We visited twice on this trip. Great coffee, friendly staff and good vibes. We love sitting outside but inside is just as chilled.

Devon Cafe

Speaking of places we visited twice, I think I may have just found my new favourite lunch place. Devon Cafe has two outlets but we visited the one in Surry Hills. There was a bit of a wait to get a seat, but they had a system that worked well, so it wasn’t so bad. I had the salmon with onsen egg and eel croquette. It was delicious. So much so, that I went back the next day and had the exact same thing. Steve had a crab omelette with crossiant on the first day and smoked salmon buckwheat blini on the next visit.

Oh! Matcha

I love me some matcha. I would pretty much eat matcha flavoured anything. So I was excited to find this little place. It used to be called Chanoma Cafe (and their website still has it called that) but it’s changed to Oh!Matcha now. It’s just a small, casual place but they use real, good quality matcha in their drinks and desserts. They also have other things like Sesame flavoured drinks and more. Unfortunately because I wasn’t feeling my usual self, I wasn’t really up to have any of their desserts on this trip. So it was just Matcha lattes for me on my 2 visits. Steve had a a Sesame latte. They were oishii!!!!!

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake

We walked past this shop numerous times over the weekend, and we finally had to give in a buy one. Who can resist Japanese cheesecake? We bought one of their standard cheesecakes to take back to Taryn & Mike’s to have as dessert after dinner. It was so light and fluffy and super delicious! I wish I had one now.

Edition Coffee Roasters

I’ve just remembered that we also visited this super cute cafe in Surry Hills/Darlinghurst on our last morning in Sydney. We had a delicious coffee there – but I don’t have any photos to share unfortunately. The cafe was very stylish and was Japanese-esque (There was some Studio Ghibli decorations around the cafe) but also kind of Scandinavian. Lovely little place. Will definitely return when I am next in town.


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