Buying all the things

So, firstly I’d like to apologise for my lack of updates in recent times. As you may be aware, I’ve been struggling with a bunch of health problems for the last 6-ish months. It’s been a bit of a tough time, but I am however, pleased to report that I am confident that I am FINALLY on the road to recovery and back to normality. That said, I do have some sort of cold/flu at the moment which is very annoying (the perils of working with children) and kind of ruined my Easter break, but what can you do? Hopefully it clears up soon. Anyway, enough about illness!

The other week, I discovered a Polish food shop called Ludwig & Son in Malaga. I had no idea it existed, so I was very excited to go check it out. We headed out there on a Saturday morning, my pessimistic self thinking we would get there, walk in, be disappointed and walk right out again. Well…how wrong was I? It was amazing and I all but lost my mind in there. Shopping baskets were hastily filled to the brim with all types of gherkins, pickled herring products, horseradish and sauerkraut. Best ever.

Here’s some photos of our bounty.

A repeat visit will be in order real soon!


    • Oh yes! I grew up on the stuff. Spread on some German rye bread with a bit of salt and pepper -It was my favourite food as a child 😊

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