Easter 2018

I love Easter. I can’t really tell you why, because I don’t actually know myself. I don’t particularly like Easter eggs (although, I would never say no to a Hazelnut Lindt Bunny) and I’m not religious. I think it just reminds me of my childhood. And it also reminds me of Austria where they celebrate Easter good and proper. Sweetening the deal for me this year was the fact that the Easter holidays were not at the same time as the school holidays (which they normally are) so I got a bonus mini-break from work before the holidays. Unfortunately about 2 days before the break (and just my luck, really) I came down with a nasty cold. But Easter breaks come but once a year and the show must go on! I was actually feeling ok-ish on Good Friday, so as per tradition I dyed some hard boiled eggs.

They came out looking great and for a brief moment there I thought I was cured of my cold. But that was just wishful thinking. On Easter Saturday we had planned to go mango picking and then mini golf with some friends. I still wasn’t feeling great, but decided to go anyway.

Mango picking was pretty disappointing. It was expensive ($10 per person to get in to the orchard, then $10 per kilo for however much you picked) They say you can eat as many mangoes in the orchard (orchard? Is that what a whole lot of mango trees are called? Answers on the back of a postcard please) but realistically how many mangoes can you really eat? Plus my hands were all grubby so I didn’t really want to eat any.

Here I am setting off with my bucket and mango picker hoping to pick lots of delicious mangoes! (Steve didn’t end up coming in orchard in a bid to save money)

Lots of trees…..but not many mangoes to be seen. Except the rotting ones on the floor.

Made it all the way to the back of the orchard to where the ripe mangoes supposedly were, but all I could find were green mangoes. Chad and his kids found a few and enjoyed eating some. Here they can be seen squatting amongst the mango trees.

I ended up with 3 mangoes which all up cost me $19!!!!! (And tbh they weren’t even that tasty) I don’t think I’ll be going back there any time soon.

After a brief rest and picnic lunch outside the mango farm on some dirty, rickety tables…

We headed off to mini golf at Wanneroo Botanic Gardens. It was really lovely there. We played the standard course first. It was simple but well designed. Nothing too flashy, but a good course.

I think I came third. Not bad, considering I was feeling increasingly unwell as the day progressed. After a brief stop in the cafe for a beverage, we headed over to the other course, which was Snooker Mini Golf. However, after about 3 holes, I decided I needed to go home to bed and called it quits. Everyone else decided to head off too, because to be honest, snooker golf wasn’t really a whole lot of fun. After a quick group photo, we departed for home.

The rest of my Easter break (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) was spent lying on the couch feeling like death with an endless stream of snot coming out of my nose. Sorry for sharing that, but it’s what happened.

Oh and here’s a photo or two of my European-esque Easter display. To end this post on a high note.

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