A quick trip to Melbourne: Day 2

Day 2 in Melbourne began with breakfast at nearby Trunk Diner. It’s another favourite of ours and we have be going there for years. It had been a while since either of us had eaten something other than gluten free muesli (me) or porridge (Steve) for breakfast, so I think we got a little over excited when we looked at the menu, which resulted in both of us ordering way too much food. Steve had the big breakfast and I had poached eggs with avocado and bacon, it was tasty, but not what our bodies are used to.

After breakfast we went for a bit of a wander to work off all the food before jumping on a tram and heading Northcote bound to Patrick (Steve’s cousin) and Bettina’s house for lunch. Steve’s parents also joined us for lunch. A lovely afternoon was had by all and the food was, as always, delicious.

It was late afternoon by the time we left Patrick and Bettina’s so we headed back to our hotel for a bit of a chill, before heading out in search of dinner. On a bit of a whim we decided to give Bartini a go. It was a pretty quiet night out in the CBD due to it being Anzac Day, so it wasn’t super busy in Bartini which was nice. We settled in with a couple of glasses of Tempranillo, and tried to decide what food to order. (As much as I wanted to “one of everything” just wasn’t feasible 😊) Bartini is a Spanish tapas place and everything on the menu sounded great. In the end we got some Spanish anchovies (soooo good!), this melty goats cheese thing with almonds (best ever) and Spanish Jamon with orange. So good.

We also got these a bit later with our second glass of Tempranillo

So much deliciousness. Definitely one of my new favourite places in Melbourne.

After we could eat and drink no more, we went for a bit of a wander over to South Bank and the Yarra.

Whilst on our way back to the hotel we stumbled upon Brunetti’s. We remember Brunetti’s from Lygon street but didn’t know there was one in the CBD now (shows how long it’s been since we were in Melbourne) “We’ll just have a look” turned into “Maybe we’ll get an icecream” turned in to ordering 3 different types of cakes. They WERE mini cakes though.


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