A quick trip to Melbourne: Day 3

Breakfast at Trunk Diner again today. We both opted for the lighter breakfast option of Bircher Museli, lighter it was, but it was waaaay to sweet for my liking.

The morning saw us do some serious shopping at mostly Japanese shops (yes, we are sad, we know 😁) – Uniqlo, Graniph, Muji and Daiso . Some of my favourite shops, none of which are in Perth. Although Uniqlo is opening a Perth store soon (omg I am so excited!!!!)

All that shopping made us hungry so when walked past Shanghai Street we decided that the best decision was to have dumplings for lunch. It was quite busy in there but we got a table quickly and set about ordering some dumplings. We got some steamed dumplings and some fried ones and some spring rolls because I just felt like having spring rolls and they were all delicious.

After lunch, coffee was in order. We had yet to visit our most favourite of all cafes yet – Jungle Juice. At least I think that is what it’s called, we’ve never actually been quite sure. It’s a tiny little place – seats about 8-10 people and they make the best coffee and always play the best tunes. When we were in Melbourne a few years ago with my band Burgers of Beef we managed to cram the lot of us in there. Good times. But I digress, I had a short Mac and Steve had some strong Marrakech coffee or something.

Then it was off to Fitzroy. Beers at The Napier, where we met up with Danni and Dale and our other dear friends Danny and Jen.

Love The Napier. For dinner we had organised to go to Hotel Jesus with everyone. This place was on my list of must do’s, so I’m glad we managed to fit it in. Hotel Jesus is a Mexican restaurant. The good type of Mexican restaurant, not the bad type that seems to be oh so common in Perth. It’s also been done up really well, it looks great!

We ordered a bunch of things. I got the Bone Marrow which was fantastic. The corn was good too as was the tacos. Actually everything was pretty bloody delicious.

I really liked it here. Not sure if everyone else liked it as much as me, but what can you do? I will definitely be returning.

After dinner we said farewell to Danny and Jen and headed back to the CBD and stopped in for a quick night cap at a small whisky bar near our hotel.

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