A quick trip to Melbourne: Day 5

Breakfast at League of Honest Coffee. Great coffee. Great cheese toastie.

For lunch we headed to Elwood. A suburb of Melbourne I had never visited before. We had planned to meet up with Steve’s parents at Dandelion Vietnamese. Dandelion featured on a episode of The Chefs Line, so we were keen to check it out.

Very nicely decorated restaurant and the menu sounded amazing. We ordered a selection of food – and it was all really, really delicious. I particularly liked the tofu that was in one of the salads.

There’s some pictures of the deliciousness. After all that food, I probably shouldn’t have had dessert, but I couldn’t resist a Vietnamese coffee and a chocolate creme brûlée. It was really good too, but perhaps a little too much food as I was really full afterwards.

Thanks for the delicious food Dandelion. We shall return.

After lunch we needed to walk off all the food, so we walked down to the coast. It was quite nice there.

Then we continued walking to St Kilda.

We picked up sushi on the way back to the hotel and ate that in our room later for dinner. We were still too full from lunch to eat anything more.

In the evening we went and visited Danni and Dale at their house for a bit.

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