A Quick trip to Melbourne: Day 6

Our last day in Melbourne. Packed up our stuff in the morning and checked out of our hotel. Then went for a bit of a wander around the CBD.

Ended up on Lygon Street for lunch and stopped in for some charcuterie at D.O.C. Also some great coffees. We really enjoyed this meal.

Then Pidapipo for icecream. Finally! I got to have some icecream!

Had a bit more of a wander around. A visit to Heartland Records (bought a couple of Gram Parsons rekkids) and a last minute purchase of some Japanese earthenware bowls at the Queen Vic Markets.

And before we knew it, we were headed to the airport.

After panicking a bit and thinking we were going to miss our plane due to the conveyer belt breaking at the check in counter, we made it on to the plane and actually go in to Perth a little early.

Thanks for the good times and good eats Melbourne. Let’s do it again real soon!

Edit: Just as we were headed back to pick up our bags from the hotel before heading to the airport, we saw some ladies carrying Kit Kat Chocolatory bags. Now, long time readers of my blog/s might know that we love a good flavoured Kit Kat and have tried many of the flavours available in Japan. (Favourite flavour? Surprisingly it was Corn. It had that whole salty/sweet thing going on) Realising that the Kit Kat ship was nearby we had to stop in to check it out. The store was done up nicely and the Kit Kat flavours sounded quite interesting. The Kit Kats were pretty darn pricey, but we figured what the hey, and got a couple. A Hazelnut-y one and a Popcorn one. Upon sitting down to enjoy them with a cup of coffee once back in Perth, our excitement turned to disappointment rather rapidly.

Nice packaging and all.

BUT, instead of the chocolate being flavoured like the ones we are used to from Japan, it was just a normal chocolate Kit Kat that had been dipped in some hazelnuts and other crap. See –

This is not a flavoured Kit Kat at all. Pretty lame. Especially considering the price. My advice? Go to Japan and eat Kit Kats there.

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