Eurovision 2018

Well, Eurovision has been and gone for another year, and once again, the food was the real highlight. Don’t get me wrong, Eurovision was as amazing as ever, but let’s face it, it’s really all about the food.

The days preparations saw visits to 3 favourite European shops – Little Home Bakery for bread products such as Kaiser Rolls and pretzels, Ludwik and Son for rollmops, gherkins and more and Charlie’s for olives, cheeses and a sneaky coffee stop.

Got this amazing smoked garlic at Charlie’s. Smells so good.

Then food preparations began.

A Eurovision tradition – Smorebrod. I also prepared a Meze Plate complete with homemade Labneh, Spanish pinxtos and Leberkase in a Kaiser Roll.


And before we knew it, it was Eurovision time. Our friends starting arriving, bringing with them more delicious food. Pete and Nicole brought Portuguese Egg tarts (amongst other things) Portugal was the host nation after all.

Dessert consisted of my standard Kaiserschmarn and Kristy made an AMAZING extra large sized Ice Vovo.

Then we ate all the food and enjoyed the show.

A good night was had by all. Israel won by the way. See you next year!

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