Ah Tony, why’d you have to go and leave us?

“I think food, culture, people and landscape are all absolutely inseparable.”

~ Anthony Bourdain

You all know how much I love my food and travel, so it stands to reason that I am a huuuge fan of Anthony Bourdain. I’ve read ‘Kitchen Confidential’, I have his cookbook, I’ve watched No Reservations and Parts Unknown a lot. I also recently discovered The Layover on Netflix and had been enjoying that. Plus there’s various other random shows produced by his company Zero Point Zero. I don’t think there has been a week that has gone by in the last few years where I haven’t watched at least part of an episode of one of his shows. Oh and there’s Lucky Peach magazine too, which I’d enjoyed his ramblings in.

So it was an extreme shock to hear of his passing on Friday. I’ll admit I almost cried. I didn’t, but it was close. (Although there’s no telling what will happen when I next watch an episode of No Reservations or Parts Unknown – something I haven’t been able to do yet) I know I am echoing the sentiments of lots of his fans world wide in that, even though I didn’t know him personally, I feel like I have lost a friend. Heck, we don’t even call him Anthony Bourdain in our house – it’s just Tony 😊

I’d always hoped we’d coincide a trip to the US at the same time he happened to be doing a Speaking Tour or a book signing or something. But alas, it was not to be. The last time we were in Japan he was there at the same time filming an episode of Parts Unknown. We missed him in Kanazawa by mere days. That was the closest we ever got to meeting him. Probably for the best really, I only would’ve said something dumb to him anyway.

All I hope is that he is now in a happier place – and wherever that place is, he is hanging out with The Ramones and eating delicious pork products for every meal of the day.

RIP Tony – you will be missed.

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