At the Hello Kitty Cafe

When we arrived at Singapore airport we spotted something very exciting – a Hello Kitty Cafe right there at the airport! “The Hello Kitty Orchid Garden” to be precise. A visit was a must, luckily our hotel was mere metres away.

We returned for breakfast the next morning. There was only one other customer in the cafe! So it was easy for us to get a table 😜

Everything was beautifully themed and super cute. The prices on the menu though were a bit of a shock! I guess we were in Singapore, at the airport, at a theme cafe, so it was never going to be cheap. We both chose the “big breakfast” and I got a cappuccino and Steve got a cold flavoured coffee – I can’t remember what flavour it was though, possibly caramel.

I took some photos whilst waiting for our breakfasts to arrive.

Then our food arrived. It looked super cute – but I’m not sure that the menu writers quite understood the meaning of “big”. Possibly one of the smallest breakfasts I’ve ever seen!

A small Hello Kitty shaped waffle with cheese and maple syrup, one sausage and a tiny salad. Look, it was tasty enough, but I was still hungry after I ate it! I was, however very used to Austrian and German breakfasts after all.

Our drinks. Again, very cute.

Me pulling silly faces with my meal

We were the only ones in the cafes by this stage, so after we finished eating I made sure I took lots of photos. If this cafe was anywhere else in the world there would be queues down the street to get in. Even with the tiny meals and high prices.

They had cute cakes for sale too (and a small amount of original goods merchandise) but we had already blown the budget on breakfast.

My overall thoughts? Super cute and beautifully designed. Bonus that it wasn’t busy (although a few customers would’ve been nice). Food was decent, but way too small for the price and the drinks were a little too sweet. If you are a Hello Kitty fan and you are stuck at Singapore airport for a while, then you should definitely pay the cafe a visit. Just don’t go there if you are really hungry!

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