Hello Singapore!

After an 11 hour flight we landed in Singapore where we promptly checked in to our hotel and fell asleep for several hours. Upon waking, we headed in to Orchard Road and went to get our favourite life-saving meal at Nam Nam Noodle Bar. A Banh mi and a Vietnamese coffee. Sure, it’s a chain place, but It’s the perfect meal and place for us when we are jetlagged in Singapore. And their Banh Mi is pretty darn tasty.

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around, doing a bit of shopping and enjoying the warm Singapore air. For dinner we headed to China Town and had roast pork, duck rice and noodles for dinner. After all the German food we had been eating over the last few weeks, this was a welcome change. Love it here.

Then we went to look at the harbour and ate some incredibly expensive Haagen Daaz ice creams.

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