Well hello there. Yes, I have been missing in action for a while. There’s just been a lot going on recently. Health issues, work, blah blah blah Y’know life stuff getting in the way of me doing this blog.

We had a very quick trip to Japan back in January – 1 week in Tokyo and 1 week in Nozawa Onsen. It was a whirlwind trip by our standards, but while we were there it actually felt like we had been away for ages.

I thought you might like to relive the trip with me as I go through some of the (mostly) food related highlights.

We flew into Narita via a brief stopover in Singapore. It’s tradition that we always get an Onigiri before leaving the airport.

Then it was on to the Narita Express to our accommodation. We were staying at our usual place – Andon Ryokan in Minowa. We have been there so many times now, it feels like coming home.

Once we had settled in we headed off for a walk to nearby Asakusa. I think we underestimated how cold it was. It was freezing. Particularly as we had left Perth less than 24 hours earlier where it had been close to 40 degrees Celsius. Quite a difference.

We headed to a place called Misojyu for a late lunch. Their menu mostly consists of onigiri, but you get to choose your sides. It was such a cute little place and the food was very, very good.

Look at the colour of that egg yolk! The tofu was particularly delicious. Here’s a little video I made.

We had a bit more of a wander around Asakusa. Before deciding that it was getting late and we weren’t suitably rugged up for the cold and decided to head back to Andon.

For dinner we went to our favourite supermarket Olympic and stocked up on various delicious things that we ate back at Andon.

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