The sun was shining today, so after a delicious breakfast at Andon, we decided to head out for a day trip to Enoshima. We had never been there before, but views of Mt Fuji and the ocean were promised.

Apparently we both just need to constantly eat, so when we had to change trains on our journey we also snacked on a Nikuman bun at the train station.

You get to catch a cute monorail train to Enoshima!

Enoshima was great. We couldn’t believe we had never been there before. We walked along the little street filled with cute shops and restaurants. Then we found the Hello Kitty icecream and tea shop. I had a Matcha icecream. Steve had a matcha drink. Yum!

Then we continued on. We crossed over a bridge onto Enoshima. Really lovely and interesting around here.

We stopped for lunch at one of the many seafood places along the way.

Then we saw some temples, tulips, the Sea Candle and an awesome rocky outcrop. So much to see!

We wanted to stay for the illuminations but it was getting terribly cold so we hopped on the train bound for Kamakura. By the time we got to Kanagawa it was dark and everything was closing, so after a brief look around we got back on the train bound for Ueno. At Ueno station we had Curry Udon for dinner to warm us up.

And then I bought a Strawberry shortcake because I just had to.

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