Day Trip to Chichibu

We decided to take a day trip to Chichibu today. Mostly because we like saying Chichibu. Try it, it’s addictive.

We were on our way when we realised we had caught the wrong train so we had to get off and change trains. Luckily for us, we got to meet some Prefecture mascots at the train station.

Coffees and Kit Kats on the train.

We made it to Chichibu in time for lunch! We walked around the little town deciding where to go. Chichibu is famous for soba noodles, so we kind of HAD to have soba.

The soba was good and just what we needed to warm us up. After lunch we checked out Chichibu temple. Very impressive.

Bit more of an explore around before we decided to try out the onsen.

After soaking our chills away, we decided to head back to Tokyo. In Ikebukuro we had sushi for dinner.

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