To the snow!

Our time in Tokyo was over and today we were headed to Nozawa Onsen for fun times in the snow.

Bento lunches packed, we got on the Hokuriku Shinkansen bound for Iiyama.

My bento – Ikura and Uni (how predictable)

Steve’s bento

At Iiyama station we change to a bus to take us to Nozawa. This was our fourth visit to Nozawa. Won’t be our last. So much snow.

We sorted out our skis and snowboard for the next day and then went and had a soak in our favourite Onsen – Furasato No Yu. This isn’t one of the free Onsen in Nozawa, but it’s only about 400 yen and it’s really worth it. Also, they have these really delicious Aloe and grape beverages in their vending machine in the sitting area.

After our Onsen we picked up a couple of boiled eggs that are cooked in the special cooking Onsen and headed back to our hotel. We ate the eggs and some other random supermarket snacks for dinner.

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