Travel souvenirs

It’s not a holiday unless you come back with overseas treats. As we visited Montreal and Vermont on this trip, I made sure I stocked up on loads of Maple Syrup! Problem was, we visited those places at the start of our holiday….then we had to carry around 3kg of Maple syrup for the rest of the trip 😂

In Stowe, Vermont, we came across the Von Trapp Brewery. I remembered I had one of their beers on our last trip and had enjoyed it, so we went and checked out the brewery. There is also a Von Trapp Lodge, that we were a bit disappointed we weren’t staying at. The brewery was cool, but we didn’t really have time to stay for a drink, so I bought a six pack of their Dunkel, with the plan to drink them over the course of the trip. Well, here are the 6 Dunkels at home in Perth. Yes, I ended up carting them all the way home. Haven’t tried one yet. It’s too cold for beer here.

Hot sauce. Always must buy hot sauce when in the America’s. It’s always a little overwhelming as the choice is so huge. I got these. (note: The Howler Monkey one is already half gone)

Chocolate is also a popular purchase. The Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate is actually Dutch. It’s real good. And I cant help but like Ghirardelli. It reminds me of our first trip to the US back in 2009.

Huckleberry jam and maple sugar and maple butter. I love all things Huckleberry.

Everything all together. It was a very good trip.

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