Riddle me this, Batman

Well hi folks. It’s been a while. Too many things to do, not enough time to blog.

As you may (or may not be aware), Steve and I have recently come back from a most excellent trip to the US. We had an awesome time. Went to Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival (our second time), met some really awesome people, ate some great food and saw some spectacular scenery.

Here’s the thing though. As many of you may be aware, I’ve had a pretty crap time with my health over the last (almost) 2years. I suddenly developed extreme heartburn and indigestion and chest pain (amongst other things) which resulted in two trips to emergency (one via ambulance from the doctors surgery). Whilst (many, many tests later) I was eventually given the all clear, I seemed to be stuck with lingering gastritis & GERD that wouldn’t clear up, no matter what. I’ve been so careful with what I have been eating, pretty much giving up alcohol completely as well as many other things. Nothing seemed to make me feel any better. Now, as someone who loves food as much as I do, this is pretty bloody depressing to say the least. But, what can you do, life goes on. I just continue to eat as well as I can, and try different things with varying degrees of success. I’ve tried every remedy under the sun.

And so, I must admit I did have some degree of anxiety leading up to our US (and Canada briefly) trip. Firstly, because I know what the food is like there. Delicious yes, but not exactly light. Also, one of the main reasons I travel is to eat different food. How much fun is it going to be if I can’t eat all the things?

When we landed in Montreal after about 3 days in the air (only a slight exaggeration), I had pretty bad heartburn. I had, admittedly eaten an In and Out Burger on our 17 HOUR LAYOVER in LA. (It was delicious by the way). But I was determined not to let it phase me. I was afterall, in a magical land of crossiants and bakery products.

Ok. So long story short. I ignored everything and ate crossiants. And large sandwiches full of pastrami. And burgers. And then we went to America where I ate BBQ for 3 days straight. And waffles. For breakfast. With bacon and maple syrup. Plus I drank loads of coffee. I even had beer. AND GUESS WHAT? I stopped taking my heartburn medication and I felt better than I have in the last two years. No heartburn. No indigestion. No bloating. No feeling of having food stuck in my eosophagus. Nothing. I just felt like a normal person that could eat food and enjoy it for the first time in ages.

So, like, what the actual heck?

What is going on here? None of this bread you see here is gluten free either.

Also, you’ll be sad to hear, that when I got home, the heartburn/indigestion came back. Although not as bad as it has been in the past.

Thoughts? Comments? I find this all quite mysterious. Although, I’m just really glad I got to enjoy some delicious foods in America.

Here’s some more photos of food we ate to look at while you ponder my mystery.

So what’s the solution here I wonder? Move to America and only eat waffles and burgers for the rest of my life. Well, probably not…but maybe just more holidays 😜

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  1. Well…I’ll be buttered on 3 sides …. surely there is a solution and surely you will find it …

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