And so that was Christmas

So Christmas 2019 has come and gone in the blink of an eye. I swear time is going faster and faster. Maybe I’m just getting old. Either way, it was Christmas before I knew it, and then Christmas was over before I knew.

We had a pretty quiet Christmas this year. On Christmas Eve we had our standard – cheese, eggs, smoked trout, prawn & grape salad and a few other bits and pieces.

Oh and even though I said I wasn’t going to make one this year, I made a Stollen. Couldn’t resist.

After dinner, we decided to pretend we were in Japan and go and look at some Christmas Illuminations. We drove in to the city and were quite shocked to see people everywhere! It took us ages to find a park and we almost gave up. But we eventually found one, and went for a wander. There were some pretty cool illuminations and a funfair was set up in Yagan Square. It was quite nice to just wander around.

On Christmas Day we opened a few presents. Yuki always enjoys this part.

Then we decided to head off to the beach. We kind of thought the beach would be quiet. How wrong were we?!? It was packed! People had even set up huge tents and canopies and the like to house their entire families. People were playing Christmas Carols (ugh…). We briefly toyed with the idea of just leaving, but decided to stay. We found a spot on the grass to eat our bento picnic lunch.

Unfortunately it was quite windy so the conditions were no good for swimming. There were some huge waves. We went and put our feet in the water though.

Spent most of the day at the beach before heading back home. It was actually nice and quiet at home – we were expecting our neighbours to be partying, but they weren’t, which was nice.

On Boxing Day we went around to my mums place for Christmas Lunch. I cooked a roast chicken, made potato salad and other random things.

I also made a Marble Bundt cake to go along with the Stollen because, well, Christmas.

Night light I got my mum for Christmas

And then, Christmas 2019 was pretty much over.


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