So I bought a lobster from Aldi

I was shopping for cheese in Aldi the other day. I mostly only buy cheese at Aldi. And sometimes chocolate. But I always check out there other stuff. Sometimes (usually around Oktoberfest time) they stock some good German products like sauerkraut amd celeri salat and the like. So I poking about through the freezer section when I saw whole lobsters. Wtf? Lobsters? At Aldi? On closer inspection, it stated in the box that they were from Canada and they were clearly of the same variety as my much beloved Maine lobsters. Hmmm…interesting…..very interesting…..Anyway, I put the lobster back in the freezer and made my purchases and went home.

Back at home, I just couldn’t stop thinking about that lobster. Would it be any good? I did a few searches about Aldi seafood and was pleasantly surprised to see that they make a lot of effort to ensure their seafood is sustainably fished.

So what did I do? I went back to Aldi the next day and got one. $20. Bargain.

Way back when, when lobsters didn’t cost two million dollars, we used to cook a Lobster risotto, and damn it was good. I decided that that is what I would be doing with this guy.

Look, to be honest there wasn’t a lot of meat on him, but what there was, was pretty damn tasty. And enough to make a delicious Lobster Risotto.

Would I buy one again? Yeah, I totally would.


  1. 🤔 Cooked Lobster in a box!? I’m curious is it frozen or is it just cooked? I’ve just never heard of buying cooked lobster in a box and I’m guessing from some kind of store.

    • Ha ha yeah it was cooked and frozen. I’ve never bought one in a box from a supermarket either, but cooked frozen lobster (and other types of seafood) is pretty common here

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