Lobster-Palooza Stay at home edition

You all know by now of my love for lobsters. Particularly Maine lobsters. But as a trip to Maine any time soon is highly unlikely, what’s a girl to do? Well….here’s a fun fact – We have great lobsters in Western Australia also. Yes, they are a different type, but still very delicious. They are however, incredibly pricey so I rarely (if ever) buy them.

Recently however, the prices of lobsters have dropped and I discovered a local place (WA Crays) that not only could I order them from for a reasonable price, but THEY WOULD DELIVER THEM TO ME DOOR. That’s right. You heard correctly. Lobsters. Delivered. To your front door. That’s the kind of thing dreams are made of.

So I ordered 5 cooked lobsters (I’m a bit scared of the raw ones to be honest, but one day I may try them) and true to their word, the lobsters arrived the next day.

Steve and lobsters

First on the recipe agenda, was Lobster Mac and Cheese. Yes, still trying to relive our time in Maine.

Poor little guy
Looking good
Dinner is served
The Mac and cheese with added lobster was indeed delicious.

One lobster down, four to go…..

A week or so later I decided to try my hand at making a Lobster Bisque. I’ve never made one before so I was a bit worried it might not turn out. Firstly, I had to make a lobster stock out of the head and shell of the lobster. Once the stock had cooked for 45 minutes or so, I strained it and then added it to a different pot with some other ingredients such as tomato and cooked that up for a before blitzing the whole lot in the blender. Meanwhile I fried up the lobster meat in some herbs and butter and then served it up. Oh, it was so damn good!!!!

Would make again

The bisque turned out great and really wasn’t that difficult in the end. And what a great way to use up the shells that you would normally just throw away.

Now….what to make with the remaining 3 lobsters…..will keep you posted….


    • $100 for 5! That was for the smallest size, they get a bit more expensive for the larger sizes – but still really reasonable I think. (Also free delivery )

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