Not quite Maine (but still delicious)

Yeah…yeah…you know my thoughts here….you’ve heard it all a million times before….Maine lobster rolls….I won’t go on about it, you know how much I think they are the best thing ever…blah…blah..blah….

With the third lobster from our lobster stash, we decided to make lobster rolls. After extensive research about where I could possibly buy the correct bread rolls in Perth, I gave up and just bought a bread stick at our local fancy pants shop Fresh Provisions.

There’s not a whole lot to making a Lobster roll. Get the meat out of the shell, season it lightly, mix through some mayonnaise. Toast the bread and spread on some butter. Put lobster in roll and Voila!

Served with onion rings and iceberg lettuce

Look, to be honest the bread wasn’t great. I mean, it was nice bread, but it was quite tough and chewy, not soft and fluffy like it should be. Next time I am going to have a go at making some brioche rolls myself and see how that is. I will report back with results. In the meantime, here’s another photo of the lobster rolls.

Oh and while I’m here, with the fourth lobster we made risotto, because it’s really delicious.

Perhaps topped with a little too much olive oil….

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