I have a new toy…

Two actually. The Itaki and the Itaki Shabuki electric lunchbox. Wait?What??? I hear you cry. Well, yes you read correctly, they are indeed lunchboxes that you plug in and cook your lunch in.

The Itaki is kind of like a mini rice cooker really. It’s super cute too. The Shabuki pot is a bit bigger and you can fry things in it also.

Itaki (right) and Itaki Shabuki (left)

So I have yet to try the Shabuki pot, but I have started experimenting with the the Itaki. Yesterday I made an impromptu Beef Udon soup for lunch. Once all the ingredients went in, it took about 30 minutes to cook and turned out rather tasty.

Simple and delcious!

Today I cooked an omelette in it. It turned out light and fluffy. I also steamed some spinach in the top tray.

Just like magic!

And then, just because I could I decided to have a go at making a steamed Matcha cake. It cooked well, but turned out a bit lumpy but I think that was more my fault then the Itaki’s.

The possibilities are endless!

I’ve just scratched the surface so far in terms of cooking in these things. I plan to keep experimenting. The Itaki is quite small so it’d be great to take to work and cook yourself a hot lunch!

I’m going to try the Shabuki pot next and will keep you updated.

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