Eurovision 2022!!!

I just looked at my blog and realised it has been nearly a year since I have done an update. Not good enough!!!! I mean I pay for this freakin site, I should probably add some new content every once in a while. To think I used to update it EVERYDAY!

And so because you have all waited so patiently for so long (I know you have) here is a quick blog about Eurovision 2022. This year Italy was the host nation. We were very happy to see it go ahead with a full audience, *almost* back to normal. Last year, with no audience was (necessary) but a little weird.

We had a few friends around and we all made/brought food. I say brought as our friend Adrian brought Chiko Rolls to represent Australia. Yes, Chiko Rolls, straight from the supermarket freezer to you. They proved popular. Though I must say not with me. I have never been a fan of mystery meat/vegetable products inside pastry (I also dislike pasties)

Surprisingly popular Chiko Rolls
Lookin stylish in our aprons
Fried whitebait and Curry Wurst
Brettljause (meat and cheeses in a board)
Brettljause part 2

An interesting addition to the Brettljuase was Pumpkin seed oil cream cheese. Now regular readers of my blog are probably familiar with my love for Pumpkin Seed Oil (made only in Austria) but I had never thought of mixing it in to cream cheese before. And now that I have tried it, I can never go back. Delicious!

So much delicious food

It was a good Eurovision this year. Quite a few different styles and plenty of quirkiness. Ukraine took out the win this time around.

See you next year!

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