Dinner #8: 6/08/2012

I’m mad for pork belly at the moment. Well, I actually have always been, but it seems to be a little more widely available these days, so I seem to buy it more. It’s cheap, and man, is it tasty. So this is Pork belly Kakuni donburi. Which translates as stewed pork belly on rice. The pork is cooked for a couple of hours in soy sauce, mirin, sake etc until it is as tender as…well something that’s really tender. I also put the boiled eggs in with the pork for the last 10 minutes or so, so they get all flavourful as well. Also, made the daikon radish salad again (that you may have seen on an earlier post) because it was so delicious. Yum!

And, as is with all my favourite meals, it made the BEST bento lunches for the next day. I could live on this!

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