Dinner #9: 7/08/2012

I always seem to be exhausted on Tuesday’s. Something about it not being Monday and all, but still too close to the start of the week. When I really don’t feel like cooking, one of my staples is egg & rice. I recently bought a fab new recipe book entirely about Donburi, and it had a variant of my egg & rice. It was called the “Sunny Side Up Donburi” and, yes as the name suggests involves a bowl of rice with a fired egg on top. It also included ham, which was a delicious inclusion. I made up a quick salad of rocket & tomatoes, dressed with Persian feta (and the olive oil it is marinated in) and, there you have it. A simple, but satisfying dish.

I had some rice left over, so I quickly made up some onigiri (with bonito flakes & soy sauce inside) for lunch. I found some onigiri wrappers in the cupboard so decided to use them, so I can pretend I am in Japan when I eat them 🙂

One comment

  1. I just had the onigiri – and I can report that the wrappers worked a treat. They were as fresh as if I had picked them up from a Natural Lawsons.

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