Dinner in Nagoya

Took a day trip to Nagoya today. Saw Nagoya castle it was way cool. But the main reason for visiting Nagoya today was to go see one of my favourite bands the Autumn Defense. Luckily for us, gigs in Japan often finish early (930pm for this one) which meant we weren’t going to miss the last Shinkansen back to Kyoto at 10:17pm. So an early finish, meant any early start, which meant an early dinner. After eating far too much food for lunch on the trip to Nagoya…



..I didn’t really feel like an early dinner, but knew if be hungry about half way through the gig if I didn’t eat, so we thought we had better get something. Not knowing Nagoya at all made it a bit tricky to find a place to eat, but we eventually decided (well, we were kind of running out of time) to go to a small cafe place in the basement of the Parco department store. The gig was on the 8th floor of the same department store. We both had Donburi sets. I had ikura & salmon and Steve had tuna. They came with a bowl of miso, and whilst not the most amazing thing I’ve ever had, were pretty good.


Then we went to see the Autumn Defense. They were great. It was an awesome venue with awesome sound and the audience were awesome too, waiting right to the very very end of every song until they clapped. I took a sneaky photo, even though I wasn’t really allowed.



Then we high tailed it outta there on to the subway back to Nagoya station and on to the Shinkansen bound for Kyoto. Good times.

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